Sour Strawberry Pencil Bites

Sour Strawberry Pencil Bites

Sour Strawberry Pencil Bites

When you open a pack of MyCandybae sour strawberry pencils you will be delighted to see a large quantity of bright red, sugar coated cylinder shaped, candies with a gorgeous sweet white fondant filling which makes them one of the most popular candies around. They have the perfect balance of sweetness, sourness, tartness and dare I say it, having munched through £1 sweet treat bag for research purposes, I’m now convinced saltiness.


I guess as these candies touch every palate of your taste buds, I’m certain it is this taste sensation that makes these candies irresistible. The differing, almost battling flavours perfectly complement each other in your mouth; however, the initial over- riding fizzy buzz you get from the sugar coating whose sweetness does leave an enjoyable taste in your mouth. The two major contrasting flavours, the sweetness and sourness work harmoniously together to create a taste sensation that tantalizes the senses.

It’s not simply the taste that makes your mouth pucker as these Sour Strawberry Sweets also have no artificial colours added and are completely natural. 

It's not just the flavours that make strawberry sour sweets so great, but the bright red colour of the sour sweets which is both visually appealing and is so easy to fall in love with.

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The chewy texture of the firm outer candy provides a satisfying biting sensation before getting to the soft white, almost gooey, fondant interior. Each chew of these candies releases a large dose of flavours as well as releasing serotonin and dopamine chemicals in the brain which both relax and keep you alert, especially if other people see a packet of these goodies on your desk!  

The combination of sweet and sour flavours, the chewy texture, and the vibrant colours makes sour strawberry pencil sweets so appealing and irresistible. They are perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth and can lift your mood instantly. If you haven't tried them yet, you're missing out on one of the greatest candy experiences out there and like all good thing’s moderation is key. Which makes the 1Kg Mycandybae share bags a great option as you won’t be left feeling you have missed out.


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